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Children's Opera

The Firebird (2022)
an English Touring Opera and Little Angel Theatre co-production, filmed at Little Angel Theatre


Based on a poem by Michael Rosen, The Firebird is a new puppet opera composed by Noah Mosley and co-produced by English Touring Opera and Little Angel Theatre.

Ivan is a young Prince who thinks only of himself. He captures the Firebird, only to set her free when he feels a sadness in his heart. She gives him a feather that will help him if he needs it… Delve into the enchanted castle where Ivan will meet a free-spirited Princess and a menacing and cold-hearted King!

Duration - 25 mins

Librettist - Michael Rosen

Cast - Ivan (Tenor), Firebird/Vasalisa (Sop), King Katschei (Bass-Baritone).

Orchestration; Violin, horn, accordion, piano, double bass.

Premier production credits.

Director: Valentina Ceschi
Filmmaker & Editor: Isaac Madge
Sound Producer: Jan Capinski
Designer & Maker: Ellie Mills
Lighting Designer: Richard Williamson
Assistant Director: Shanaé Chisholm
Design Assistant: Kelly Frost
Design Assistant: Jess Shead
Producer (for ETO): Bradley Travis
Producer (for LAT): Cindy McLean-Bibby

Cast (in order of appearance)
Narrator/ Puppeteer: Aimee Louise Bevan
Ivan: Richard Dowling
Firebird/Vasilisa: Rose Stachniewksa
King Katschei: Bradley Travis

Violin: Fra Rustumji
Accordion: Ilona Suomalainen
Horn: Jo Withers
Double Bass: Dominic Nudd
Piano: Noah Mosley

With thanks to:
Michael Rosen, Oliver Hymans, Neil Balfour, Jaques Samuel Pianos, Stage Sound Services, Feast Creative, Yvonne Horsfall Turner, and Stone House and all at Little Angel Theatre

Aiden (2021)
Commissioned by English Touring Opera


A colourful, fast-paced musical adventure, Aidan is a fresh new take on Handel’s opera, Amadigi. Embracing Amadigi's themes of quest, play and adventure, this new opera for 8-12-year-olds will introduce children to the joys of opera and Handel’s music in a new and creative way, setting them off on their own voyages of discovery.

Aidan is composed by Noah Mosley, who drew on music from Handel’s Amadigi to create a score weaving together music old and new. The new libretto and story are from soprano Paula Sides, who also takes the role of Melissa. Directed by ETO Associate Artist, Bradley Travis.

Design by Harry Pizzey, animation and editing by Gemma Green-Hope and sound production by Jan Capinski.

As well as being available on ETO at Home, Aidan will be shared with secondary schools around the country alongside a new teachers’ pack dedicated to using the opera as a tool in English Literature and Language teaching.

Duration - 3 episodes, 11, 13 then 16 mins or 40 mins total.

Librettist - Paula Sides

Cast - Aiden (Baritone), Dorian (Countertenor), Melissa (Soprano), Olivia (Soprano).

Orchestration; Baroque Violin, baroque cello, baroque wind player (doubling on flute, oboe and recorders), theorbo, modern accordion and modern harp.

Premier production credits.

Aidan: Jerome Knox
Dorian: James Hall
Melissa: Paula Sides
Olivia: Alison Rose


Violin: Guy Button
Cello: Lucia Capellaro
Oboe/ Flute: Leo Duarte
Accordion: Ilona Suomalainen
Theorbo: Toby Carr
Harp: Oliver Wass

Shh! we have a plan (2020)
Commissioned by English Touring Opera


Four friends fail in their hare-brained schemes to catch a beautiful birdy. The littlest of them knows that a bit of kindness can go a long way. Will his friends follow his gentle lead or will they get themselves into even more trouble?


Duration - 14:30 mins

Librettist - Chris Haughton

Cast - Bird (Soprano), Narrator

Orchestration; violin, cello, piano

Premier production credits

Director - Ian Nicholson

Desinger - Sam Wilde

Audio/ video engineer

Editor - Jim Whitcher

Producer - Bradley Travis

Soprano - Abigail Kelly

Narrator - Ian Nicholson

Violin - Naomi Burrell

Cello - Gavin Kibble

Jim and Matilda (2014)

Two short children operas to be performed by children, Jim, Who ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a Lion and Matilda, Who told lies and was burned to death

Duration - 15 total

Librettist - Hilaire Belloc

Cast - 2 solo children singers/narrators, children's chorus also acting the narration. Variable number of acting roles including Jim, Matilda, the truthful aunt and the hungry lion.

Instrumentation - pf (simple part)

First performance at the Woodbrock International Summer Academy, Wexford, Ireland

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