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'This day, so beautiful!' a piano love song by Noah Mosley

This is a piano version of an aria from my opera, Mad King Suibhne, based on the ancient Irish tale. Eorann's husband, Suibhne, went mad and ran away a year ago. Eorann hopes that on a beautiful day like this he can find peace.

Original words;

Eorann; (Scene: A woodland glade.)

This day, so beautiful! I think of my beloved;

When days are cold, I waste in pain for him. But on a day like this, I long to know:

Is he happy? Or does the raging madness sweep his blood?

Perhaps today he walks in pleasant places,

Takes the sun and listens to the birds;

Perhaps, today, his soul exults, perhaps

The joy of God runs living in his veins.

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