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Mad King Suibhne - Witch's aria - See if you can find him now

Opera - Mad King Suibhne, Composer - Noah Mosley, Librettist - Ivo Mosley, Mezzo Soprano - Laura Woods

Mad King Suibhne is a new chamber opera commissioned by Bury Court for their 2017 season.

The Witch in Mad King Suibhne is no stereotype witch. Like a lot of strong female characters in Celtic literature, she is a powerful independent agent in her own right. Just before this extract she has shown compassion to a collapsed, mad Suibhne, and enabled him to escape into the woods. Two of his friends run on stage looking for him. In this extract the Witch scares them by 'playing the role' of a witch, giving time for Suibhne to escape. Once she has scared off the soldiers she shows her genuine, compassionate nature, knowing how difficult and lonely Suibnhe's life will now be.

Composer/Conductor - Noah Mosley, Librettist - Ivo Mosley, Mezzo Soprano - Laura Woods, Violin 1 - Olivia Jarvis, Violin 2 - Makoto Nakata, Viola - Betti Racz, Cello - Michael Newman, Double Bass - Dominic Nudd, Flute - David Westcombe, Cor Anglais - Alec Harmon, Piano/Assistant Music Director - Jeremy Walker, Harp - Zita Silva.



(mocking, to LYNSHECHAN)

See if you can find him now!

Now the madness sets him free!

Now his flight will carry him

Far from hearth and home,

Far from comfort and ease.

Find him - if you can!

Hill and hollow, plain and field,

Bog and thicket, wood and marsh,

Seek him, find him, Suibhne’s gone;



In his place, a madman’s life:

His mattress now, the air that bites;

His covering, the cold damp leaves;

His fellowship, the beasts and birds.

MUSICAL INTERLUDE: ending watery, peaceful.

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