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For The Love of Thornstein Shiver by Alex Paxton

For The Love of Thornstein Shiver, a new opera by Alex Paxton commissioned by Helios Collective for Formations 2016

Formations Artistic Director - Ella Marchment, Music Director - Noah Mosley

Composer and librettist (compiled) - Alex Paxton, Directors - Jefferson Miranda and Flavio Graff, Assistant Director - Zara Fyfe, Conductor - Noah Mosley, Repetiteur - Tamara Gabeiras, Thornstein Shiver - Fae Evelyn, King Olaf - Barbara Cole Walton, Sarcastic Hali/Daemon Thorkel/Preist Snake - Flora Macdonald, Halfdan the Mild and Meal Stingy /Deamon Thjorkel - Tom Morss, Epstein Fart/Daemon Thorkel - Tom Asher, Design Assistants - Irune Arbiol and Zoe Hammond

Opera masterclass series with Janis Kelley, Mark Wigglesworth, Jonathan Moore, David Poutney and Judith Weir, see programme here

Helios Collective with King's College London and English National Opera

King's College London Strand Campus, London, and Lilian Baylis House

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