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First video of my music to reach 1000 views on YouTube! This day so beautiful from Mad King Suibhne

Composer - Noah Mosley, Librettist - Ivo Mosley, Soprano - Isolde Roxby

Mad King Suibhne is a new chamber opera commissioned by Bury Court for their 2017 season.

In Celtic literature, love can cure madness. Suibhne is cured by love, the love of two strong women – witch and wife. Eorann, his wife, is left to rule the Kingdom when Suibhne disappears. She is under political pressure to remarry an oafish tenor. In this aria, where we first meet her, she misses Suibhne, and hopes he has found some happiness.

Composer/Conductor - Noah Mosley, Librettist - Ivo Mosley, Soprano - Isolde Roxby, Violin 1 - Olivia Jarvis, Violin 2 - Makoto Nakata, Viola - Betti Racz, Cello - Michael Newman, Double Bass - Dominic Nudd, Flute - David Westcombe, Cor Anglais - Alec Harmon, Piano/Assistant Music Director - Jeremy Walker, Harp - Zita Silva.


Scene: A woodland glade.

[EORANN and her LADY companion are waiting.]


This day, so beautiful!

I think of my beloved;

When days are cold, I waste in pain for him.

But on a day like this, I long to know:

Is he happy?

Or does the raging madness sweep his blood?

Perhaps today he walks in pleasant places,

Takes the sun and listens to the birds;

Perhaps, today, his soul exults, perhaps

The joy of God runs living in his veins.

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