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Scene with the Mad Man from Mad King Suibhne by Noah Mosley

In this extract from Mad King Suibhne, Suibhne comes across another Mad Man which in turn forces him to confront his own mental state.

Performed at Bury Court Opera, March 2017

Composer - Noah Mosley

Librettist - Ivo Mosley

Director - Ella Marchment

Designer - Holly Pigott

Eorann - Isolde Roxby

Woman at the Well - Rafaela Papadakis

Witch - Laura Woods

Suibhne - Dominic Bowe

Guaire - Edward Hughes

Lynschecan - Henry Grant Kerswell

Blackbird - Katie Sazanova

Stag - Ozlem Celik

Mad Voices;

Anna Marie Mclachlan

Jennifer Parker

Kathleen Greene

Madeleine Joyce

Olivia Bell

Yara Zeitoun

Producer/Artistic Director - Suzanne Lemieux

Co-producer - John Coke

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